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 So What do SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners DO?

We garden!! We make plant calls to residents homes. We sponsor garden classes and lectures. We hold plant sales We sponsor a school garden We hold Ask Your Master Gardener Events We propagate plants for the school garden and plants sales. We take garden adventure trips!

SaddleBrooke/Saddlebrooke Ranch Master Gardeners are volunteers trained in concert with the University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension, Pinal County, Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We offer educational programs and classes, diagnose plant problems and otherwise assist residents with their garden questions and problems.


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Witches Broom infections on Oleander and Other Woody Plants

The Gardeners Exchange of SaddleBrooke Ranch in conjunction with the SaddleBrooke/ SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners welcome you to attend "Growing Roses in the Sonoran Desert," presented by Deborah North on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 1 pm, West Ballroom of Mountainview in SaddleBrooke.

Are you craving the singular beauty that roses provide-- but you aren't sure where to start or how to proceed in giving that rose its best opportunity to shine?  Deborah will share some of. the unique aspects of growing Roses in the Sonoran Desert. We'll cover the varieties that do best, how to site, plant and prune. In addition, we'll discuss the pests and diseases that are most common to roses in the Sonoran Desert.

A native of Arizona, Deborah North was under the delusion that she was a good gardener during the 25-years she lived and worked in the Silicon Valley.  Returning to Arizona in 2003 she rapidly learned that to enjoy gardening in Tucson required significant re-training.  She entered the Master Gardener program in 2004.  In the ensuing years the desire to grow things, to learn about best-practices, and to teach others how to garden has developed into a passionate endeavor.  She is committed to teaching people how to grow sustainably using organic methods in the Sonoran Desert.

No registration needed.  Open seating. For more information, please contact Zann Wilson at 219-263-3261 or .

High Desert Gardening Short Course

High Desert Gardening will be presented in the MountainView Ballroom West, at MountainView Clubhouse,  SaddleBrooke. Tuesdays 10:00 a.m. to noon, for six weeks starting January 29, 2019; registration required.

Once again, due to popular demand, your Master Gardeners will be offering a six-week mini course to help residents resolve basic gardening issues along with gaining new information about how to succeed at gardening and proper landscaping in the high desert of SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch. This time the featured lectures will include: The Rose Dude's Guide to Growing Roses in Torrid Tucson, Basics of Desert Gardening, Getting to know your Saddlebrooke Wildlife, Passive Rainwater Harvesting, Container Gardening, and Native Plants for your Landscape.

The cost per person for all six lectures is $50 for materials.  The contact for information and registration is Vickie Butler, call 520-444-8293 or email . There is limited seating, so you must register in advance. Send your check made out to University of Arizona to Vickie Butler, 37617 S. Mashie Dr., Tucson, AZ 85739. Please include your phone number and email so you can be contacted for additional information and any changes that may occur.

 Save the date!

The Master Gardeners of SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch will be having their spring plant sale on Thursday, March 21st at the Mountain View clubhouse. More details to come so stay tuned!


Oro Valley Library

 Tomatoes for the Desert
Friday, January 18
   By Pima County MGs     1:30 3:00  

Yes, tomatoes do grow here - with the right techniques. Learn the tricks of the trade from a Master Gardener, so you too can grow many wonderful tomato varieties. 

How to Prune
Friday, February 1   By Pima County MGs     1:30 3:00  

Proper pruning is both an art and a science. It not only makes your trees and shrubs look better, but it keeps them healthy and prolongs their lives. It could even spare you property damage! Learn what tools to use, how and why to make pruning cuts, and the correct times to prune. 

Tohono Chul

Fruit Tree Pruning
Saturday, February 9 | 10am | Ed. Ctr. #1 | $6 members | $10 general public

Whether you nurture your fruit trees for yourself, or you willingly share the bounty with your friendly neighborhood critters, its important to provide them the proper care they need. Even if you have just one fruit tree in your yard, you'll benefit from this class on how to prune so that your trees are as happy and as productive as can be. Join Jason Isenberg, owner/principal designer of REALM and ISA Certified Arborist, as he discusses the particulars, timing and techniques to help you get the most out of your fruit trees.

Mature Tree Care
Saturday, February 23 | 10am | Ed. Ctr. #1 | $6 members | $10 general public

Mature trees have their own special needs, especially when it comes to pruning. Remember, you can't un-prune a tree, so it is important to "read" your tree and get it right the first time. Whether you're planning to do the pruning yourself, or want to be able to direct your landscaper in a better job, join Jason Isenberg, owner/principal designer of REALM and ISA Certified Arborist, and learn the best way to care for those irreplaceable mature trees.

 * The term SaddleBrooke is meant to be inclusive of HOA 1, HOA 2 (including the Preserve) and SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Photo Credits: Lyle Larson, Debbie Muise, Elissa Cochran

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