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Desert Gardening Basics- Introduction to gardening in SaddleBrooke*
Plant ID - Catalogue of plants common to SaddleBrooke* 
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Water-Wise Gardening - Ways to optimize use of water in the landscape
Benefits of Xeriscaping- Learn to use drought tolerant plants to conserve water
Irrigation in the Desert - Judicious use of irrigation can give you the garden you want and still save water

Prohibited Plants - What plants should NOT be planted in your yard?
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 So What do SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners DO?

We garden!! We make plant calls to residents homes. We sponsor garden classes and lectures. We hold plant sales We sponsor a school garden We hold Ask Your Master Gardener Events We propagate plants for the school garden and plants sales. We take garden adventure trips!

SaddleBrooke/Saddlebrooke Ranch Master Gardeners are volunteers trained in concert with the University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension, Pinal County, Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We offer educational programs and classes, diagnose plant problems and otherwise assist residents with their garden questions and problems.


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The Gardeners Exchange in conjunction with the SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners welcomes you to attend "Everything you Wanted to Know About Desert Bees but Were Afraid to Ask" by Dr. Stephen Buchmann, adjunct professor in the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona on Thurs, Sept 20 at MountainView Ballroom, SaddleBrooke at 1 pm.

Dr. Buchmann has authored almost 200 scientific publications and 11 books, including his latest book "The Reason for Flowers," Simon & Schuster publisher. Copies of this and other of his books will be available for sale.  Cash or checks accepted.

As a specialist in the study of the interactions of bees and their flowers, especially buzz pollination, Dr. Buchmann will discuss bee diversity, what is a bee, how bees make their livings, threats to bees and what homeowners can do to help conserve and protect bees. Also learn more about killer bees.

No registration needed.  Open seating. For more information, please contact Margaret Larmour, at or 520-307-2100.

***Important Saddlebrooke article on the spread of Witches' Broom on Oleander and Other Shrubs and Trees***

 * The term SaddleBrooke is meant to be inclusive of HOA 1, HOA 2 (including the Preserve) and SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Photo Credits: Lyle Larson, Debbie Muise, Elissa Cochran

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