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SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners

Desert Gardening Basics- Introduction to gardening in SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch
Plant ID - Plant catalogue of plants common to SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners*
Informational Links - All sorts of information pertinent to gardening in SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners*
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Water-Wise Gardening - Ways to optimize use of water in the landscape
Benefits of Xeriscaping- Learn to use drought tolerant plants to conserve water
Irrigation in the Desert - Judicious use of irrigation can give you the garden you want and still save water

Prohibited Plants - What plants should NOT be planted in your yard?
Gardening Month by Month- Ideas for each month in the garden

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Prohitibited Plants

Each HOA in SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners* has covenants regarding landscaping and lists of prohibited plants. Specific plants are prohibited based on experience in SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners* with size, pollen production, compatibility with desertscaping and especially invasiveness. Many plant which are perfectly fine landscaping plants elsewhere may become invasive in a different environment. A common one that often surprises is fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum). There are many others; so please check your covenants and the Extension List of Invasive Species in Arizona.


* The term SaddleBrooke  is meant to be inclusive of HOA 1, HOA 2 (including the Preserve) and SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Photo Credits: Lyle Larson, Debbie Muise, Elissa Cochran